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Q: When was PTonTour established?

A: PTonTour was established in early 2008 before Porcupine Tree began touring that year.

Q: What is PTonTour?

A: PTonTour is a website created for the sole purpose to accurately archive all of Porcupine Tree's set lists from 2008 and onward.

Q: Why was PTonTour created?

A: In 2007 Porcupine Tree began to gain more popularity (especially in the United States). As a result, more fans wanted to see what the set lists from their live shows were like. PTonTour was created to provide set lists for the growing fan base.

Q: Why don't you have all set lists from before 2008?

A: PTonTour was created in 2008, we guarantee all set lists from 2008 and onward are archived here on this site. We have uploaded several set lists from various shows that are from the pre-2008 era.

Q: Can we make set lists requests?

A: Unfortunately, no. The band has stated that they do not do requests.

Q: What is the blank gap that is sometimes in the set lists?

A: The gap or extra line sometimes placed in the middle or toward the end of a set list signifies that their was an intermission or the band left the stage for a few minutes only to return for the final song or two (otherwise known as an encore).

Q: Is there a forum for PTonTour?

A: No there is not. If demand ever becomes high enough, then there could be.

Q: Does PTonTour offer contests?

A:There is always a chance for a contest. Past contests include: Anesthetize DVD giveaway. More to come!!!